Update on Intercom Digital Pads in Blocks A & C

This notice is to advise residents in Blocks A & C, that the installation of the Intercom Digital Pads were completed in December (2022).

We have a number of residents within Blocks A & C who have yet to provide their telephone numbers for uploading and may we ask that you engage with the Estate Office via email at [email protected] at your earliest opportunity.

Important Note: The contractor who installed the Intercom Digital Pads, as part of the contract, provided Goulden House with a 6 month period of free call-outs, once the Intercom Digital Pads had been installed. The 6-month period runs from 1 January 2023 through to 30th June 2023 and any call-outs after this period will be charged to Goulden House.


Notice: Notice to Residents – Update on Intercom Digital Pads in Blocks A & C 22 February 2023-1

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