Leaseholder Flat Doors

This page has been provided to give additional information about the 2021-2022 Leaseholder Flat Door survey and subsequent actions required as a result.


Fire Doors

Leaseholders are required to have suitable fire doors at the entrance to their property. These documents outline the requirement.

  1. Spec blockade door and FA
  2. Wands FA door Drawing
  3. Fire Door – Information Sheet
  4. Revision of lease Oct 2017 – Fire Door
  5. Leasehold Information on Flat Door Compliance (added 31 Jan 2022)
  6. Reminder to provide Compliance information (18 May 2022)

Useful links. These do not carry any recommendation from the Management of Goulden House Co-operative and are provided for information only

  1.  Certification, Timber inspection, Training & Technical services.
  2. Was the Supplier and Fitter of council tenanted flat doors. Council approved.
  3. Timber Fire Door Installation Certified
  4. K&C Partners, Emil Kirilov, 07956321857 Certified.
  5. Hector Murazzano, [email protected], 07494093133



Council Tenants

The council replaced flat doors for Council tenants a few years ago to meet the current fire regulations. Tenants are reminded they should not make any alterations to their front doors as this could compromise their safety so is not permitted. Tenants can contact the Estate office if they have any concerns or questions.

Private Tenants

Privately renting tenants should be aware that their landlord is required to ensure their front door meets the Leasehold fire specification and they will have been given the results of the above mentioned survey and a timescale in which to carry out any required works (if any). Private tenants can contact the Estate office if they have any concerns or questions.

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