Extractor Fans Update

We are aware that a number of flats, in excess of 20 flats, are experiencing issues with their Extractor Fans. If any resident is experiencing issues with their Extractor Fans, we ask that you note the following:

Smith & Byford Engineers (the contractors who maintain the Communal Extractor Fans on behalf of Wandsworth Borough Council), attended the site on 28th February to undertake maintenance to the Communal Extractor Fans.  Unfortunately, they identified that two of the Communal Extractor Fans needed to be removed from the Flat Roof and would either be repaired or replaced, the latter would depend on what would be most cost effective.

Smith & Byford have assured us this afternoon (1st March) that they are treating this with the urgency that it deserves.

We will keep the residents informed on any further updates received from Smith & Byford.

Notice: NOTICE TO RESIDENTS – Communal Extractor Fans – 1.3.23

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