Removal of Tree from Inner Green on Friday 2nd June 2023

Early this afternoon (Thursday 1st June), a large section of one of the trees came down in the Inner Green and thankfully no one was injured. Anthony Jones (Tree Manager at Wandsworth Borough Council) was called, and he attended site in less than one hour to access the tree. Tree Surgeons arrived shortly afterwards to remove the large fallen limb.

The tree in question is called the Alanthus Altissima and is fondly known as The Tree of Heaven. The findings are that sadly the tree is deemed unsafe due to crown decay and major deadwood throughout and dieback of the crown. There have been 3 separate incidents of major limb failure which has led Anthony Jones (Tree Manager for Wandsworth Borough Council) to confirm that the only option available is to remove the tree.

The tree will be felled tomorrow, Friday 2nd June at 9 am, to protect the residents from any further major limbs or the tree itself falling. A new tree shall be planted in its place in the new planting season.


Notice: Urgent Notice to Residents Removal of Tree from Inner Green on Friday 2nd June 2023

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