Intrusive Survey Works Commence On Block A On Monday 11Th September

This notice is to advise all residents of the possibility of spalling concrete and to please keep all doors and windows closed whilst testing is being carried out above by the contractor undertaking the testing/Intrusive Survey Works. Once that drop has been completed, the residents are free to open doors and windows as they like. The Abseil Team (CAN) will commence the intrusive works on Block A on Monday 11th September.

The contractor undertaking these works have confirmed that drops carried out so far have been covered by a groundsman guarding any drop zones as detailed within the RAMS. When hammer testing the concrete, pieces may spall from the wall, with large pieces dropping into the collection container attached to the operative/abseiler. Any resident in Block A with a private garden, may we ask that you give access to the Abseil Team to ensure that the groundsman who is guarding the drop zones has access to the drop zones.


Notice: Intrusive Survey Works commence on Block A on Monday 11th September Drop Zones Windows and Doors to be closed and Gardens unlocked

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