Pestgone’s Inspection of Goulden House

This notice is to advise residents of Pestgone’s inspection of the site today, 1st August 2023, which is as follows:

“A routine inspection was carried out today across all areas of the premises including all communal areas both internally and external communal gardens, bin stores and both inner and outer greens, with no further evidence of any recent or ongoing pest activity found. All bait stations have been fully serviced with bait replenished and refreshed where needed. Good levels of housekeeping and hygiene standards were found during today’s inspection and staff have reported no issues since previous inspection, all insect monitoring points have been inspected and show no signs of any recent or ongoing pest activity found. PestGone will continue to monitor on forthcoming service visits”.


Notice: Notice to Residents – Update from Pestgone’s Inspection of GH today Tuesday 1st August 2023

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