Notice to Residents Block C – Intrusive Survey Works

Notice to Residents – Intrusive Structural Survey – Abseil

Work commencing on Thursday, 17th August at 8 am in Block C


As advised by Wandsworth Borough Council in their letter of 14th August 2023, access to undertake the works will be performed by abseil.  This will mean that operatives will be passing or suspended in front of your windows whilst they undertake works.  With this said I would encourage you to close your curtains/blinds/windows or make provisions to retain your privacy and security.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this will cause and your assistance with this is very much appreciated in advance.

For and on behalf of Goulden House Co-Operative Ltd


Annie Gleeson MSc

Estate Manager


Notice: Notice to Residents – Block C – Intrusive structural survey commencing 17th August 2023

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