Gardening & Grounds Update July 2023

This notice is to advise that your newly appointed Gardening & Grounds Contractor, MMX Garden and Property Services Ltd, undertook their first maintenance visit yesterday (11th July), their focus was Winders Road, overgrown bushes adjacent to Goulden House Approach Car Park, Inner Green Lawn, and the removal of weeds from the entire site and what a difference their work made to the site yesterday. The MMX team commented on the “thank you”, which they received from residents throughout the day regarding their work.

MMX will be back on site in two weeks’ time (their contract stipulates two visits per month in regrowth season) and their focus will be the Outer Green, Diamond Area, and all hedges.

It is wonderful to see the Grounds being returned to how they should look, and it may take a few visits to get the grounds to the standard where we wish them to be, but yesterday’s visit was a very good start.

Notice: Notice to Residents – Gardening & Grounds Contractor

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