Notice to Residents – Service Charge Invoices 

Notice to Residents – Service Charge Invoices    

The Property Accounts Team at Wandsworth Borough Council, as a result of my engagement with them regarding the issuing of the Service Charge invoices have stated the following:

We are hopeful the Service Charge invoices will be issued within the next 2 weeks. They have also noted the previous Service Charge invoices were issued to leaseholders on 5th February 2021.

For and on behalf of Goulden House Co-Operative Ltd

Annie Gleeson MSc

Estate Manager

New Recycling Banks

The Estate Manager had a meeting with Wandsworth Borough Council’s Environment Service Manager on Tuesday 25th January. Resulting from the meeting and inspection of the condition of the Recycling Banks, we are delighted to inform the residents of Goulden House that on Thursday 27th January, we took delivery of 8 new Recycling Banks which replace the existing 8 which were no longer fit for purpose. Goulden House have waited patiently for our Recycling Banks to be replaced for more than 1 year.

Please dispose of your recycling responsibly.

Thames Water – Emergency Works

Thames Water have advised that the reason a substantial of residents are without water this morning is because they are undertaking emergency works in the local vicinity.

Thames Water Reference Number for these Emergency Works is 70040393.

Thames Water has advised that the water should be switched back on by 2 pm this afternoon.

Thames Water has also advised that all residents to ensure that they turn their taps off, the latter will ensure that no flooding will occur when the water is switched back on.

Thames Water has also informed the Estate Office this morning that there may be further interruptions until the emergency works are completed by midnight on 2nd February.

Loss of Phone/Internet 24 Jan 2022

Due to a technical issue, the phone and internet service in the Goulden House office is unavailable on Monday 24 Jan 2022.

Engineers are on site to rectify the problem and it is expected that service will be restored within 24 hours.

Residents are welcome to call into the office in person if they need assistance.


As of 4:50pm Monday 24 Jan 2022, service has been restored.



Delivery Drivers: Find a Flat feature

We have added a “Find a Flat” function to the website to aid location of flats in the development.

Goulden House is laid out in a somewhat haphazard way so it’s often difficult to locate a specific flat. To help with this, we have added an online tool to locate the correct entrance or road for every flat in the building.

Find the Find a Flat feature at:

The page also includes a high-resolution map of the building, which can also be found at street level at the main entrances.

Co-Op General Meeting 23 December

The General Meeting of the Co-Op on 16th December was not quorate, so according to our Rules, it was adjourned after 30 minutes to 7 days later.

Therefore the General Meeting will take place on 23 December at 7pm

Please register here:

Residents and Leaseholders are invited to register in advance and this will provide you with the link to the meeting.

Residents Meeting 16 December 2021

Residents please join us for our next general meeting, which will be held on 16 December 2021 at 7pm.

The meeting will be held online using “Zoom”.

You can register, read the agenda and see the minutes from the previous meeting on this page:

This meeting will focus on an update from our Estate Manager including the latest on the flat door survey which should be completed by our meeting.

Questions from residents are most welcome. If you can send your question in advance via the office it will allow time for a detailed response, but you can also ask questions at the meeting.