Cigarette ends being thrown from balcony above into gardens of Flats on Ground Floor

We have been advised that cigarette ends are being thrown, yet again, from the balcony of flats above into the gardens of the ground floor Flats and onto the roofs of their garden sheds.

This is a serious breach of Health, Safety, Fire & Smoke Regulations. Please dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly. Please note that children are playing in the gardens below and it was only 24 months ago when we had a balcony fire which was very severe, and the occupants of the flat in question, were very fortunate that they did not sustain any injuries.

Should you require any additional information or if you have information on whom the person or persons are who are non-compliant with the Health, Safety, Fire and Smoke Regulations then please do not hesitate to call the Estate Office on 0207 924 5213 or via email [email protected]. We shall check CCTV and if the flat in question is identified, costs for any repairs for the most recent damage caused by the discarding of cigarette ends, will be recharged to the flat in question in compliance with the Goulden House Co-operative Ltd Recharge Policy.

For and on behalf of Goulden House Co-Operative Ltd

 Annie Gleeson MSc

Estate Manager

Notice Regarding Disposal of Cigarette Butts – 30th May 2024

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