This notice is to advise residents of PestGone’s inspection of the site on 9th July 2024, which is as follows:

“Attended site to carry out routine inspection of all rodent boxes. On today’s visit I was shown around the site by the maintenance person and we investigated all areas at the  site and could find no signs of any fresh activity or bait take. No reported activity from  tenants apart from a duck on the fourth floor but apart from that nothing reported. 

I have inspected all bait points and replaced slug damaged baits as required and ensured all boxes are in good condition. PestGone will return next month to carry out routine inspection. “

For and on behalf of Goulden House Co-Operative Ltd

Goulden House Estate Staff

Notice to Residents – Update from Pestgone’s Inspection of GH on 9th July 2024

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